NEF Minecraft 2017-2018 Competition



The Contest
This year the National Education Foundation is using Minecraft: Education Edition, to host a national contest. Students will work together to solve problems in math, science, design, and computer logic. They will need to think critically and creatively to work in small groups to build a “Smart Town” or “Smart Home”. They will need to document the process and explain their designs. All of the images in the slider above are from our students’ work from last year.
The first two phases of the contest are underway, however there is still plenty of time to get setup and participate.
Full details for each contest can be seen via the following two documents:
Your district will need access to the Microsoft Store for Education. Begin the sign up process right away if you are interested in participating. Find more information about this in the above documents. Get started by making an account with Microsoft.
Also, contact the NEF at and let us know that your district would like to participate.