NEF Minecraft 2018-2019 Competition
This Year’s Winners Are…
This year our Minecraft competitors built amusement parks complete with their own mini-games. They practiced a range of essential skills throughout the school year and taught their teachers all about Minecraft. Jack Hankins from Dana Middle School in California took first place with his thoughtful and detailed “The Everything Park”. While Alex Tingler, Lyndsy Phillips, and Ashlyn Smith from Martins Ferry School District, Ohio came closely in second with their “Splaat Theme Park”. In third this year was Faith Smith and Cambell Kropka with “Rainbow World”. They are also from Martins Ferry SD. The slider images above are all screen shots from the worlds of the builders.
Thank you to all who participated this year. We will be running a similar contest next year. If you are interested in participating please let us know this summer if you can! Build on!
About The 2018-2019 Contest
The National Education Foundation hosted another national Minecraft contest using Minecraft: Education Edition. Students worked together to solve problems in math, science, design, and computer logic. They thought critically and creatively to work in small groups or individually to build a theme park complete with their own mini-games. They documented the process and explained their designs through text and video.
You can find all of the details here:
And a one page flyer here:
If your district is interested in participating next year please contact Steve by email – –  right away!

Check out this video from last year’s competition!