Thank you for those who competed in the Second phase of the Minecraft Contest! You can see more about the results on our news page.
We are now beginning the Advanced phase which will run from March 1st to April 1st.
The Third Phase
The final phase is the creation of something in Minecraft that represents State Spirit. Students can work in teams of 3-6 to build things like famous landmarks in their State, re-creations of locations of historical significance, important geographical locations, etc.

Teams will Submit:

Word document which uses edited screenshots and text to create a narrative which highlights the planning and building process. A short video with footage captured on a cell phone or camera that highlights the build. Students will be graded on the rubric found here. Remember to document the build AS you are building to show progress over time.
Submit as an attachment which includes a link to the Youtube video in an email to: Include the grade level of the students, number of students in the group, and the school district.