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Working with Pearson, National Education Foundation provides an OnTarget Analysis of one of our Academies located in Somerton, AZ.


What is OnTarget Analysis?

The purpose of OnTarget Analysis® is to determine:

a) the statistical relationship between SuccessMaker® student performance in math and reading for grade three through five and student achievement on the AzMERIT.

b) SuccessMaker courseware target levels correlating to specific AzMERIT test achievement. To accomplish these goals, we investigated the relationship between courseware levels SuccessMaker students in Somerton School District achieved at the time of the AzMERIT test (April 2018), and their achievement on the AzMERIT. Using linear regression, we identified specific SuccessMaker courseware levels corresponding to AzMERIT achievement at the 60% and 80% confidence intervals. By combining the forecasting of time needed to reach specified SuccessMaker courseware levels with the relationship between SuccessMaker levels and AzMERIT achievement, the SuccessMaker management system can provide educators with a continually updated forecast of AzMERIT achievement for individuals, groups, or subgroups of students, at any point during the 2018-2019 school year.


OnTarget Analysis Results

It is useful to compare the AzMERIT achievement between the sample students used to derive the targets and the students to whom the target courseware levels will be applied. The greater the similarity between the achievement of the students, the more likely the courseware target levels generated will be reliable indicators of future AzMERIT performance for students in the Somerton School District . The figures below shows the percentage of included students that reached or exceeded Proficient by grade level. Note: Grade 6 Math was not included due to not enough students reaching SuccessMaker usage criteria.

2018 AzMERIT Achievement of Included Students



2018 AzMERIT Achievement of Included Students



In order to develop a high-level understanding of the relationship between the AzMerit and SuccessMaker, it is useful to reference graphic representations of AzMerit performance varying with SuccessMaker performance. To that end, scatterplots including student AzMerit scale scores and SuccessMaker courseware levels were generated for each Math Grades 3 – 5 and Reading Grades 3 – 6.

Grade 3 Math

Grade 3 Reading

Grade 4 Math

Grade 4 Reading

Grade 5 Math

Grade 5 Reading

Results from Pearson’s research over the years confirms that when students utilize SuccessMaker math and reading courseware acceptably the following pattern emerges: the higher the level students reach at the time of the high-stakes test in SuccessMaker, the higher they tend to score on the high-stakes test.

Number of Students Reaching/Not Reaching SuccessMaker 60% Courseware Target Levels for Level 3 or higher on the AzMERIT in Reading

Percentage of Students Scoring Level 3 or higher on AzMERIT

2015-2016 School Average vs State Average


15-16 School Average 15-16 State Average
Average NEF STEM+ Academy 70% 61%
Examples of typical district performance:
Warren, PA 41% 36%
Steubenville, OH 72% 56%
Sidney, NE 84% 82%
Martins Ferry, OH 80% 71%


15-16 School Average 15-16 State Average
Average NEF STEM+ Academy 75% 65%
Examples of typical district performance:
Warren, PA 66% 61%
Steubenville, OH 85% 62%
Sidney, NE 78% 73%
Martins Ferry, OH 70% 65%