STEM Grant

NEF-SUNY STEM+ Academy Grant ($100 Million)

Summary and Application for School Year 2018-19

by NEF (National Education Foundation), national non-profit leader in K-12 STEM+ Education
and SUNY (State University of New York), the largest university in the U.S.
Grant Rationale: U.S. students are ranked in the bottom 30% in STEM education globally
Goal: To provide world-class academic (mapped to every state’s standards) and applicational (STEM design contests and awards at the District, State and National levels) STEM+ education to a million K-12 students to prepare them for college and the 21st century jobs
Eligibility: Any school district/school with 35% or more students on free/reduced cost meals, girls schools, minority schools; Others pay a higher fee–call us at 703-823-9999.
Deadline: January 31, 2018. Grants are awarded to the first 100 applicants.
  1. At least 70% of K-8 students would advance a grade level in math during the school year if the students actively work on our program for 75 minutes a week for 36 weeks.
  2. Every High School/Career Tech student will have an opportunity to earn SUNY college credits for a low, 90% subsidized fee of $60 per SUNY credit hour (vs $680 regular fee).


Your Cost: The cost per student per year for proving the world-class the STEM+ program is $1,450. With NEF providing 80% grant, your cost drops to $290. Funds can come from Title I, other Federal, state, foundation, and other sources. 
What you get: For the $290 you pay per student per year, you will receive the following, as part of NEF’s Total System Solution called PSL-MM-TTC
1. Personalized learning courses mapped to your state standards (top-rated SuccessMaker for K-8 math & ELA, GradPoint for 9-12 STEM, ELA, Social Studies & SAT/ACT, Digital Literacy for middle and high schools, and Skillsoft for Career Tech IT/Business/Professional Development) for every participating student  
2. Salary/stipend for the Director of the program, principals and teachers 
3. LMS (state-of-the art) 
4. Mentoring
5. Motivational rewards for students ( iPads, gift certificates, Minecraft licenses for K-8 students, $1 million STEM Design Software for 9-12 students etc.)
6. Teacher training and mentoring (professional development courses facilitating CEUs), and parent training (in 100+ IT and Business certifications with world-class online courses and live online mentors) 
7. Tech support
8. College Credits from the State University of New York (SUNY) for $60 /credit (vs $680), a 90% subsidy 

Distribution of $290:

The $290 you pay is given back to your District or School in terms of Cash and Services as follows:
30% cash for Motivation: student incentives (10%), teacher/director stipends (10%), STEM hands-on (10%)
40% for Personalized learning for students, teachers and parents, LMS, Mentoring, Teacher training and Professional Development
30% for College credits, Tech support and continuous guidance, support and assistance by SUNY and local university
Call NEF at 703-823-9999 for assistance

APPLICATION FORM for School Year 2018-19 (Complete and Submit)

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Sidney Public Schools

The Sidney Public School District (Cheyenne County School District #1) is a state and NCA-accredited public school system located in the Nebraska Panhandle 100 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The District consists of 120 square miles including and surrounding the city of Sidney, the Cheyenne County seat with a population of 6500 people.

The District educates approximately 1200 students in grades K-12 at seven separate campuses: South Elementary (grades K-1), North Elementary (grades 2-3), Central Elementary (grade 4), West Elementary (grades 5-6), Sidney Middle School (grades 7-8), Sidney High School (grades 9-12), and the Alternative Education Center. In-town busing services are provided with stops at each of the campuses.

N. L. Dillard Middle School

N.L. Dillard Middle School will provide students with an academically rich environment that focuses on character education and student achievement, thus preparing them to be lifelong learners.

Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences

The Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences (MATHS), is a Baltimore City public charter school serving students in grades 6 -12. MATHS is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused school offering specialized pathways for students interested in these career areas.