SuccessMaker Licenses

K-8 Personalize Math and Reading Software
  • Schools will receive SuccessMaker (SM) Licenses to support the number of students indicated in their NEF Agreement.
  • Schools are required to use SuccessMaker or GradPoint (or both).
  • Pearson will provide training on how to administer the SM Licenses
  • The goal for each SM student is to reach at least 1.0 grade level gain or more in at least one subject.
  • Weekly School Success is determined by the number of students at or above target gain (“Green students”), with the remainder of students identified as low time (“Grey students”), low engagement (“Yellow students”), or low gain (“Red students”).
    • Target Gain is equal to 0.03 Grade Level Increase times the number of weeks since the start of SM use at the school.
    • Low engagement is measured by “Acceptable Performance” (AP) in SM, which is equal to the number of “Skills Mastered” divided by the number of “Skills Attempted.”
      • For Math, AP is 90% or higher.
      • For reading, AP is 75% or higher.
  • Weekly School Statuses will be determined by Student statuses:
    • Schools with 90%+ Green Students in a week have a Green Status
    • Schools with 75%-90% Green Students in a week have a Yellow Status
    • Schools with less than 75% Green Students have a Red Status.
Sidney Public Schools

The Sidney Public School District (Cheyenne County School District #1) is a state and NCA-accredited public school system located in the Nebraska Panhandle 100 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The District consists of 120 square miles including and surrounding the city of Sidney, the Cheyenne County seat with a population of 6500 people.

The District educates approximately 1200 students in grades K-12 at seven separate campuses: South Elementary (grades K-1), North Elementary (grades 2-3), Central Elementary (grade 4), West Elementary (grades 5-6), Sidney Middle School (grades 7-8), Sidney High School (grades 9-12), and the Alternative Education Center. In-town busing services are provided with stops at each of the campuses.

N. L. Dillard Middle School

N.L. Dillard Middle School will provide students with an academically rich environment that focuses on character education and student achievement, thus preparing them to be lifelong learners.

Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences

The Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences (MATHS), is a Baltimore City public charter school serving students in grades 6 -12. MATHS is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused school offering specialized pathways for students interested in these career areas.