What We Provide

Our Program Provides:
The CyberLearning STEM+ Academies program provides access to courseware packages from Pearson Digital, the leading provider of personalized learning materials for K-12, and an array of instructional support solutions designed to involve and motivate teachers, parents, and administrators to help their students succeed. Further, we have worked hard to develop systems to monitor performance to insure students and staff are getting the most out of our program.
Our program provides the following to participating schools:

SuccessMaker Licenses

K-8 Personalize Math and Reading Software

  • Individualized student curriculum
  • Correlated student success & state test scores
  • Available on desktop, laptop, and mobile


More info on SuccessMaker

GradPoint Licenses

6-12 Online & Blended Learning

  • Core Middle & High School Curriculum
  • Availabe for online-only, in-school, or blended
  • Standard and flexible progression options

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Teacher Training

Pearson Training for SuccessMaker & GradPoint

  • On-site training by an expert in the software
  • Virtual on-demand training also available
  • Unlimited customized live webinars

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Performance Monitoring

In addition to SuccessMaker & GradPoint student tracking software, we provide

  • Weekly reporting data with targeted focus areas
  • Customized student leaderboards


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Director and teacher stipends

  • Disbursed twice yearly
  • Reflects Director commitment
  • Provided for additional duties

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Funding for student and school incentives offerings, such as:

  • Gift cards & prizes
  • Refreshments
  • Field trips
  • More!

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New schools are assigned a personal mentor to assist with setup, including

  • STEM+ Academy Program Offering Orientation
  • Scheduling Training
  • Selecting Incentives
  • Setting up other program offerings

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Digital Literacy

IC3 GS4 course to teach the essential computer and mobile device skills for today’s digital world. Topics include

  • Basic Computing
  • Living Online
  • Key Applications

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IT/Business/Desktop Courses 

1,900+ courses in IT, Business, and Desktop Skills. Available for students, teachers, and parents.

  • College & Career prep
  • Build or enhance resumes
  • Explore current industry-standard exam preps

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Fitness & Wellness Contest

Instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all ages!

  • Track and inspire student fitness
  • Incentives funding to drive improvements
  • Students receive recognition and certificates


More info on the Fitness Contest

Minecraft Contest

Blending Minecraft, computer, and teamwork skills, students will participate in four contests with Prizes.

  • School-wide (September)
  • Statewide (October-November)
  • National (December-February)
  • Global (March-June)

More info on the Minecraft Contest

STEM Design Contest 

We provide information and mentoring to enter in the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC), which provides

  • Free STEM design software
  • Opportunity to compete at a national level
  • $50,000 scholarships to contest winners

More info on STEM Design Contest

Sidney Public Schools

The Sidney Public School District (Cheyenne County School District #1) is a state and NCA-accredited public school system located in the Nebraska Panhandle 100 miles east of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The District consists of 120 square miles including and surrounding the city of Sidney, the Cheyenne County seat with a population of 6500 people.

The District educates approximately 1200 students in grades K-12 at seven separate campuses: South Elementary (grades K-1), North Elementary (grades 2-3), Central Elementary (grade 4), West Elementary (grades 5-6), Sidney Middle School (grades 7-8), Sidney High School (grades 9-12), and the Alternative Education Center. In-town busing services are provided with stops at each of the campuses.

N. L. Dillard Middle School

N.L. Dillard Middle School will provide students with an academically rich environment that focuses on character education and student achievement, thus preparing them to be lifelong learners.

Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences

The Maryland Academy of Technology & Health Sciences (MATHS), is a Baltimore City public charter school serving students in grades 6 -12. MATHS is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focused school offering specialized pathways for students interested in these career areas.