What We Provide

Our Program Provides:
The CyberLearning STEM+ Academies program provides access to courseware packages from Pearson Digital, the leading provider of personalized learning materials for K-12, and an array of instructional support solutions designed to involve and motivate teachers, parents, and administrators to help their students succeed.
Our program provides the following to participating schools:

SuccessMaker Licenses

K-8 Personalize Math and Reading Software

  • Individualized student curriculum
  • Correlated student success & state test scores
  • Available on desktop, laptop, and mobile


More info on SuccessMaker

GradPoint Licenses

6-12 Online & Blended Learning

  • Core Middle & High School Curriculum
  • Availabe for online-only, in-school, or blended
  • Standard and flexible progression options

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Teacher Training

Pearson Training for SuccessMaker & GradPoint

  • On-site training by an expert in the software
  • Virtual on-demand training also available
  • Unlimited customized live webinars

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Performance Monitoring

In addition to SuccessMaker & GradPoint student tracking software, we provide

  • Weekly reporting data with targeted focus areas
  • Customized student leaderboards


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Director and teacher stipends

  • Disbursed twice yearly
  • Reflects Director commitment
  • Provided for additional duties

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Funding for student and school incentives offerings, such as:

  • Gift cards & prizes
  • Refreshments
  • Field trips
  • More!

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New schools are assigned a personal mentor to assist with setup, including

  • STEM+ Academy Program Offering Orientation
  • Scheduling Training
  • Selecting Incentives
  • Setting up other program offerings

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Digital Literacy

IC3 GS4 course to teach the essential computer and mobile device skills for today’s digital world. Topics include

  • Basic Computing
  • Living Online
  • Key Applications

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IT/Business/Desktop Courses 

1,900+ courses in IT, Business, and Desktop Skills. Available for students, teachers, and parents.

  • College & Career prep
  • Build or enhance resumes
  • Explore current industry-standard exam preps

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Fitness & Wellness Contest

Instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all ages!

  • Track and inspire student fitness
  • Incentives funding to drive improvements
  • Students receive recognition and certificates


More info on the Fitness Contest

Minecraft Contest

Blending Minecraft, computer, and teamwork skills, students will participate in four contests with Prizes.

  • School-wide (September)
  • Statewide (October-November)
  • National (December-February)
  • Global (March-June)

More info on the Minecraft Contest

STEM Design Contest 

We provide information and mentoring to enter in the Real World Design Challenge (RWDC), which provides

  • Free STEM design software
  • Opportunity to compete at a national level
  • $50,000 scholarships to contest winners

More info on STEM Design Contest