The Evidence

The National Education Foundation helps create the most cost-effective STEM+ Academy model for your schools, and thus help students, teachers, staff and parents acquire world-class STEM+ skills and 21st century job skills. Our 2,500+ top-quality Web-based courses cover all of your needs.

NEF STEM Academies Overall Averages

Year Reading Gain Reading Hours per 1.0 Math Gain Math Hours per 1.0 Combined Avg Gain Combined Avg Hours per 1.0
2017-2018 0.67 28:57 0.56 34:17 0.62 31:37
2016-2017 0.64 26:37 0.47 32:30 0.55 29:28
2015-2016 0.90 29:39 0.93 24:37 0.91 26:42
2014-2015 0.80 21:42 0.37 28:45 0.59 25:04
2013-2014 0.89 23:03 0.41 25:24 0.61 24:22

NEF Academy Data shows significant improvement in Math and Reading on State tests. This is how we do it…

Personalized student learning in:

  • K-8 Math, English Language Arts (reading) and Digital Literacy
  • 9-12 Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies and SAT/ACT
  • Career Tech IT (includes 100+ IT certifications with Instant Live Mentoring), Business, Management (including Project Management certifications) and Desktop Skills (Office, Personal & Professional Development)


High-quality jobskills training…

for any teacher/staff/parent/community member seeking personalized in IT, Business, Management and Soft Skills (Personal & Professional Development). Many of our courses are ranked at the top by the US Education Dept. and of the highest quality. Our program is very flexible. Schools could deploy these Web-based courses in the classroom, after school or at home for students, teachers and parents. We provide these courses – worth millions of dollars – to the disadvantaged schools across the nation as part of our national STEM+ academy initiative to educate a million disadvantaged students in STEM+ as well as Career Tech skills. Anyone completing the IT/Business/Management/Soft Skills/ Digital Literacy courses will receive course completion certificates from our acclaimed academic partner, the State University of New York (SUNY), the largest university in the U.S.

Funding for student incentives, motivational leaderboards, and staff stipends

Our team works with your school to provide funding for incentives that will be most effective for your students to achieve success – and enjoy doing it! Stipends for Academy Directors and other staff members who assist running the STEM+ Academy Program are available as well.

Teacher Training…

to use the Personalized Student Learning software effectively and to the best advantage of your students.

Motivational Contests

Focusing on the latest in STEM+ concepts, including Minecraft, Scratch coding language, professional CAD software via the RWDC, and student health and fitness topics


for all of the above through our dedicated team.

We very much look forward to working with you to provide world-class STEM+ education, demonstrated to advance a student one grade level in a subject in 20-30 learning hours in a subject such as math or reading, as per the SUNY evaluation.

Working together, we CAN “make a difference” – our joint mission!