Each STEM+ Academy receives a budget to be used for student incentives. The Academy Director submits a proposed budget for items, including an itemized list of proposed purchases and prices, which is approved by the National Academies Director, and then purchases incentives on their own or through the school. Twice a year, ADs submit an invoice with receipts, which is then reimbursed.

These motivational rewards can range from the small and regular, to the large and unique. Some examples of student incentives we’ve seen used effectively:

  • Stickers
  • Gift Cards
  • Cookies and Juice
  • Pizza Parties
  • Video game systems
  • T-shirts
  • Laptops
  • Bicycles
  • Field trips
  • School visits to national sports team games
  • STEM Games

Using the budget template linked below, or one of your own design, please provide an estimated budget for student incentives, using incentive ideas solicited from students and teachers. In the budget template, please note the quantity, unit price, and overall price for each item, and if it is recurring (e.g. monthly pizza parties), the number of occurrences and the overall total (e.g. 4 pizzas @ $10 each, once monthly for 9 months, for a total of $360).

After preparing your budget, you will need to get approval the STEM+ Academies National Director or modify it to match the suggestions for substitutions. Any item purchased from the Approved Incentives Budget will be eligible for reimbursement at the midyear and end of the year. You can update your budget at any point during the year.

Keep a copy of any receipts for incentives purchases. You will need to submit them, along with an invoice (which will be provided for you) in order to be reimbursed; reimbursement windows are in December and June-July.

Download link: Incentives Budget Template