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In order to get started with the Cyberlearning STEM+ Academies program, the prospective school must have funding. Prospective schools can seek out a variety of funding sources by visiting Cyberlearning. Several funding sources are also outlined below.

Funding Sources

STEM+ Grant – For the grant application, please click here.
QZAB – Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB) is zero-interest federal financial assistance to help schools pay for renovations, technology, equipment, curriculum (STEM academies), and teacher training. For more information about QZAB, please click here.
Adopt-a-School – Through the Adopt-a-School program, schools can partner up with with local business to fund the program. Businesses purchase licenses for the NEF University catalog at $190 per employee. For each employee signed up for training, one student in the local school is eligible for full academy support. Examples of NEFU courses that would be of interest to businesses include: Microsoft Office Certification, Business Management Courses, Office Computing, and Project Management. For more information regarding the Adopt-a-School program, please click here.