Motivational Leaderboards

Academy Directors: Click Here to order Leaderboards

As part of our program, we provide free motivational tools called Leaderboards to participating schools. Leaderboards are large posters that allow the visual display of tracking student progress and encouraging friendly competition among students, classes, grades, and schools in the program. Use this form to tell us what style, and how many you would like. Overall the Leaderboards are intended to track students’ progress through the courseware, and rewards and incentives are available based on their achievement of Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels.
Although we do require participating schools to use the Leaderboards, we do have a few styles and sizes to choose from. We recommend that you use the Olympic Style Leaderboard, although they can be customized for each school. There are currently two designs of classroom Leaderboards (in special circumstances we can work to accommodate other designs). Both the Leaderboards and incentives system should be finalized and implemented by the beginning of the school year, as it takes about two weeks (from design to production to delivery) to get the Leaderboards installed at your school.
The Leaderboards are funded and provided free to you by the National Education Foundation, in association with the State University of New York at Potsdam.


Olympic Style Leaderboard

Available Sizes:

  • 18×24 inches
  • 24×36 inches


Thermometer Style Leaderboard

Available Sizes:

  • 9×12 inches
  • 12×18 inches
  • 18×24 inches

How does it work?

This is a visual depiction of how the Leaderboards work together. The various levels will be filled with icons as the school year progresses. The icons can be constructed from any number of materials. One idea is to create “Marble Magnets.” Click here to view an instructional video that describes how to make them.
Typically schools use 1/3 of a year’s growth to achieve the Bronze level, 2/3 for Silver, and 1 years’s growth for Gold. We then ask the director to consult with teachers and students to determine how incentives should be tied to academic growth. In general, each classroom has one Leaderboard to show the progress of their students. Some schools may choose guaranteed rewards, others may choose a raffle system, and others may choose a combination of both. Grade-level or school-based awards may also be available, depending on the specific school’s needs.