NEF Minecraft 2020-2021 Competition
The 2020-2021 Contest: Smart City Sector
The National Education Foundation is hosting their 4th annual contest this school year using Minecraft: Education Edition, with a focus on building “Smart City Sectors.” Together our student contestants will create the building blocks of the Smart City of the future while modeling modern day architecture! Students will work to replicate sections of real urban areas, and then they will add their own imaginative twist’s to transforming it into a Smart Sector, all while honing their 3D modeling, design, digital literacy, and STEM skills. Winners will be eligible for cash prizes. If you or your students are interested in competing, email
To see more about the contest, or if you are already signed up to compete, check out the document here: Minecraft Contest 2020-2021
Last Year’s Contest
Last year’s Contest saw some challenges in light of the pandemic but we’d like to give a shout out to the incredible efforts of a group from Minsk, Belarus who found our contest online and decided to give it a go. In alignment to this year’s theme the group of 9 to 11 year olds designed and built several “Red Stone” machines. These are complicated devices that automate the creation of important in-game resources such as Bread and Mushrooms. They took it to the next level by creating automated smart systems to “ship” these products to storage buildings of their design. On top of that, they labelled everything with signs or animated pixel art creations. You can see a YouTube video on our channel showing off their world. We wish all the best to Andrej, Khvalko, Krokhin, Kozinet, Stepa, Kirpichnikova, and Ivan of Minsk. We would also like to recognize the 2018-2019 contest winner Jack, and new contestant Pranav, both hailing from California. Working independently, the competitors demonstrated high levels in competency in engineering, computing, design, and digital literacy skills. Despite the complications these students went above and beyond this year. As always, we are humbled by the talent of these individuals and hope to see them again in next year’s contest.

Highlights from 2019-2020

Highlights from 2017-2018