Berwick STEM Students attend Brain Surgery

Thirty students in our STEM Magnet program at Berwick High School attended a presentation at Geisinger Medical Center on Monday, October 12th. Students met with a neurosurgeon, a representative from Medtronic, who operated a surgical navigation system during the surgery, and one of the operating room nurses. As the Academy Director, I was able to view the brain surgery live in the operating room. What an experience! After the procedure, the medical team and I made a presentation to our students and accompanying teachers about the procedure and the many facets of STEM that were employed in the procedure.

“The engineering and precision of the technology was incredible.” – Beau Blass (student)

“Our experience gave our students insights into the intersection between medical practice and technology implementation. Students who participated gave substantive feedback on returning to class about both the practical usage of Medtronic’s “Stealth” location technology and the wide variety of careers available in the health care industry, even to individuals with technical or engineering training.” – Todd Gunther (STEM educator)

“Students were able to see how first hand how medicine and technology work together to improve surgical procedures through the use of Medtronic devices. I think that a lot of students were exposed to potential career paths that exist in the STEM field that they would not have imagined prior to the trip.” – Stephanie Rothery (STEM educator)