Minecraft Contest – Martins Ferry and Lehighton check in.

This year NEF is hosting a Minecraft contest featuring three different build phases and a digital literacy component. As the first phase comes to an end, schools are beginning to send in their work and their teachers are choosing winners. So far, Lehighton School District in Pennsylvania, and Martins Ferry School District in Ohio have selected their team of winners.

Congratulations to: Connor Zelrick, Eliana Velez, Benjamin Slaw, Benjamin Zacharias, Zachary Wilusz, and Trey Gower.

The Lehighton team built a nice little town featuring a “Burger Joint” with a detailed interior. A Church, and a lovely set of homes. Check out the media page for more imagery!

NEF would also like to congratulate Makenna Klarr, the winner of the beginners phase at Martins Ferry School District in Ohio. The Martins Ferry builders built a very detailed town featuring all kinds of things including hot air balloons, a terrarium, floating houses, castles, and much more. Check out more here!

Students from both districts did an excellent job using their digital literacy, and literacy skills to document their work. The NEF team is ecstatic and looking forward to seeing what the other competitors have built.