Minecraft Contest Winners 2017-2018

This year’s winners
The National Education Foundation would like to congratulate Trent Lewis, Colby Shriver, and David Skvarka of Martins Ferry Middle School in Martins Ferry, Ohio for winning first place in this year’s Minecraft Contest.
The trio collaborated as a team to build a fully powered Smart Town using Minecraft Education Edition and Microsoft MakeCode. Using code and tools within Minecraft, the group built fully powered railway systems, solar powered streets lights, and a number of architectural pieces including schools, government buildings, hospitals, houses, restaurants, statues, helicopters, and more.
The whole town is powered using in game tools. The group did research to figure out how to program an in-game robot to lay the roads while they completed other self-created tasks.
As part of the requirements for the contest the group was to document the build by using a combination of in-game tools as well as software like Microsoft Word. They did a great job demonstrating their digital literacy skills to explain how they went about building their Smart Town. Good work David, Colby, and Trent! We hope to see you become great engineers someday. Coming closely in second was another group from Martins Ferry. Congratulations to Peyton Hores, Jesse Nagel, and Collin Snedeker. They also did a great job creating a power grid for their town. In third came Amanda Burns, Abigail Fry, and Linden Moyer from Lehighton Middle School in Pennsylvania. Honorable mention goes out to Aiden Zelrick, Jonah Fritz, and Josh Vega also from Lehighton. Another honorable mention goes to Hannah and Jack from Dana Middle School in San Diego.
Check through the images in the slider above to see student work from all the schools.
Thank you to all who participated this year. We will be running a similar contest next year. If you are interested in participating please let us know this summer if you can! Build on!