NEF Minecraft – Competitors work From Home, Minsk, Belarus

National Education Foundation 2019-2020 Update

As many schools close around the globe, our 2019-2020 Minecraft contest has faced some challenges. However, one school in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, has shifted to work on the contest from home. Students meet remotely in their Minecraft world to work on their project together. The Belarusian’s are building fully automated farming machines using Redstone (Minecraft’s version of circuitry), and decorating their creations with complex pixel art. The teams are even developing an infrastructure system to ship their goods across the world for storage in buildings of their design. Minecraft presents a unique opportunity during these difficult times; an actual “place” (albeit virtual) for learners to gather and collaboratively engineer highly complex systems. We’re blown away by the ingenuity of this group in Minsk and we look forward to seeing what they create by the end of the school year!

If you are stuck working and learning from home, now might be the good time to enter the contest! We are still allowing people to enter, but keep in mind there are only a few months left! See details on our contest page found at the bottom of this page.

In-game screenshots from our competitors in Minsk, Belarus:

Minecraft Students Pose

Students pose for an in-game group photo


Wheat farm with drones

Wheat farm with drones


Automated Berry Farming Machine


Pixel-art! (It’s bread a bread icon!)


A factory production line for making books



For more about the NEF Minecraft Contest go here: National Education Foundation – Minecraft Contest 2019-2020