NEF STEM+ Success in Berwick, PA

Read about some of the success shared to us by Wendy Calarco, the Academy Director of the NEF STEM+ Adopt-a-School Academy in Berwick, PA.

We have had numerous success stories thus far during our first year as an NEF Cyber Academy:

  • One of our senior students won a statewide essay contest which highlighted the influence one of her cyber teachers has had on her life. The local public television network is coming to our school to interview the student and the teacher.
  • I have had a student complete 3 courses, each with a 90+ average, during the first half of the year. She was then able to enroll in college for the Spring semester. She will walk across the stage with her class in June as an honor graduate. This is a model I am hoping can apply to more students next year.
  • The first student who I enrolled last spring as a pilot, was able to complete 4 courses so that he could recover lost credits. He will be graduating in June only because of the opportunity that we provided to him through GradPoint. He worked incredibly hard, and we worked through a few growing pains in the process.
  • The courses in this program are rigorous and only a truly dedicated student can get through them successfully.