2017-2018 School Year Testimonials

The academic year has ended and our academies are saying great things!

See what they all had to say on this pdf.

Here are a few highlights:

“We have great teachers who really push our students to do well and encourage them to set and reach goals. The incentive program we have tied to SuccessMaker really pushes our students to work hard in the program. Emphasizing gains and effort helps build a growth mindset that students can benefit from for years to come.”
-Ben Doyle, Academy Director Bellaire Local Schools, OH

“Since our partnership with NEF began in 2015, the Berwick Area School has saved well over one million dollars in lost revenue. The price of NEF services is significantly lower than any private vendor we’ve researched and the savings we’ve realized have allowed us to re-invest funds in extended learning opportunities for students in ways we had not previously envisioned. Our partnership with NEF has created enhanced learning opportunities for our students, teachers, and even the community. We would highly recommend NEF as a partner for any school district who is looking to enhance its’ on-line learning opportunities for students in a cost-efficient manner.”
-Wayne Brookhart, Superintendent Martins Ferry, OH

“Many of my students have shown more than a year growth in both subjects. The lessons and activities are scaffold based on students’ performance. As a teacher, I can see my students moving forward in the lessons, also how excited, motivated and more importantly successful they feel when they are in Successmaker!”
-Anna Fermanis, Academy Director Somerton, AZ

“As a parent, I love that my kids WANT to do this at home after school! My second grade daughter asks to be taken in early to go to the lab with our facilitator to do SuccessMaker at 7:30 am! As an administrator the data that we receive from Success Maker to use in our IEP’s and evaluations is essential. The students who utilize Success Maker have shown growth and truly enjoy the program.”
-Sarah Elliott, Director of Special Education Steubenville, OH

Past Testimonials

Shana Wydra

STEM Director
Steubenville City Schools, OH

“The Steubenville City Schools (SCS) STEM+ Academy has created a model of continuous involvement, monitoring, encouragement, and communication with students and their parents, teachers, and staff to support successful completion of coursework. Through this partnership, SCS has created a system of academic support and mentoring to allow our students to have access to challenging learning opportunities while assuring that success is within their reach. The Academy helps students build the skills they need to succeed in college and the highly competitive 21st-century workforce. The academy program provide 21st century skills for students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) business, reading, management and test prep to close the academic and digital gaps. Using our QZAB funds, we were able to provide an improved learning environment, and a world-class QZAB STEM+ academy that helped to take our students from the bottom 50 % to the top 30% in Ohio state test scores, while improving the attendance rates and enthusiasm levels of our students.”

What Our Superintendents had to say

Wayne Brookhart

Berwick, PA

“Our partnership with NEF has created enhanced learning opportunities for our students and it has also helped us in our community. It has saved us about $300,000. The price of NEF services is significantly lower than any private vendor we’ve researched and the savings we’ve realized have allowed us to re-invest funds in extended learning opportunities for students in ways we had not previously envisioned. We would highly recommend NEF as a partner for any school district who is looking to enhance its’ on-line learning opportunities for students in a cost efficient manner.”

Dirk Fitch

Martins Ferry, OH

“If you want to offer a better product for your students and their families this is definitely the way to go. We were able to add science, math and engineering curriculum that we would have never been able to afford before.”

Carl McBreen

Minersville, PA

“We have seen a great improvement. We have seen our students closing gaps, we have seen them improving tremendously in those areas (Math/Reading) which has allowed our students to be more successful in the Pennsylvania state assessments and in working with the common core standards.”

Melinda Young

Steubenville, OH

“The academy really helps us meet the new needs of students with technology and also at looking at different career paths.”

What Our Directors and Principals had to say

Rick Meyer

Academy Director
Sidney, NE

“Just using our leaderboards – everyday students see me in the building are asking if the leaderboards are updated, when they are going to be updated and then also they want to know when our next events are.”

Scot West

Academy Director
Gallia, OH

“We’ve lost about 400 students in the last six years and GradPoint has allowed us to bring those students back.”

Joel Matuk

Academy Director
Minersville, PA

“STEM for us in Minersville has been a huge improvement to school morale and students wanting to be here.”

I love how SuccessMaker can be used all by itself without having to worry if the students are learning anything. The program is solid and the students most definitely benefit from it. Rick Meyer, QZAB director, Sidney NE

Rick Meyer

I am excited for the student gains in the program from consistent use. Sheri Ehler, Principal & Curriculum Director, Sidney NE

The STEM Academy has been an effective motivational tool for our students. It reaches beyond the STEM subjects and enriches their entire educational day.Derrick McAfee, Middle School Principal, Bellaire, Ohio

The incentive program rewards student improvement, not just the highest scores, but the highest gains,” said Doyle. “It fits nicely with the values and traditions of hard work and perseverance for which Bellaire is known. The most important relationship in education is between teacher and student. We have great students and committed teachers,” Doyle said. “We will remain focused on nurturing the natural talents and curiosity that exist in all children. Students need an environment where they want to learn. The STEM Academy helps students find and pursue interests that may not have been available to them before.Ben Doyle, Academy Director, Bellaire, Ohio

SuccessMaker is being used with our 4th grade classes and they are focusing on both the math and the reading. We have had a lot of success with the program. The students really seem to like it. They are motivated by the interactive components of the program as well as just their success. They can see their growth, they experience that. With their growth reports the teachers are using quite frequently to gauge the amount of time that students are spending on the program as well as to track their growth and to help students set growth goals for their improvements.Leslie Henry – Principal (Vinton Elementary) Gallia, Ohio

We saw that it provided a lot of differentiation for students for students in reading. Then we started utilizing it for Math. We liked the idea that it allowed students to differentiate, work at their own pace, it helped fill in gaps in their reading. We used it initially with intervention classes, then we saw that we could also utilize it for some of our lower readers help supplement that in the classroom.Ed Moore – Principal (River Valley Middle School) Gallia, Ohio

We have issued about 60 credits so far in about a 10 week time period. A lot of that is attributed to 1) they are thankful for the program 2) the incentives that we’ve been providing them to complete the courses on time have really pushed them through. We couldn’t be more happy with what’s been going on with the district. Other successes for the district have been the fact that as a rural district we don’t have the opportunity or the luxury to offer a lot of electives. But GradPoint has allowed us to offer electives such as forensic science, anatomy, or anthropology. Courses our kids typically wouldn’t have been exposed to. Our kids are doing well with that as well. We are very pleased with the outcome and our participation with this program.Scot West, Academy Director, Gallia, Ohio

I get to see Successmaker from two sides, both as an administrator and as a parent with two daughters that are currently in the district and using Successmaker. As an administrator it is very useful for us because it allows us to track the kids and it helps us to identify the students who are underachieving or struggling in class but it also allows us to recognize the students who are excelling. It works well because it allows the teachers in the classroom the ability to work with both groups of students at the same time. Those students who are struggling as well as those who are achieving at a higher level.
As a parent SuccessMaker has been great. My daughter’s love getting on SuccessMaker, they do it here in school and then they get home from school and when they get their homework done they fight over who gets on the chromebook to do their SM first. It’s something they want to do almost every day when they come home because they get really excited about seeing their gains and doing better, and trying to do better than their classmates. As an administrator and as a parent Successmaker has been really great and I think it’s a very useful tool in the school.Robert Dalton – Assistant Principal, Martins Ferry OH, Martins Ferry, Ohio

It has been a genuine pleasure working with Dr. Kuttan and his staff at NEF over the past three years. They are so helpful and their passion for students and education is a constant. The STEM+ Academy has provided a robust curriculum to many Berwick students in a variety of delivery systems. Our full-time cyber students are provided with a rigorous curriculum that mirrors that of our brick-and-mortar school curriculum. In addition to our full-time cyber students, many students are able to accelerate by taking GradPoint online courses along with their traditional course selections. The credit recovery courses have also provided a great opportunity for students to stay in school and reach graduation requirements.Wendy Lupashunski, Director of Online/ Director of Berwick Cyber Academy, Berwick, PA

What Our Teachers, Parents, and Students had to say

Lisa Franklin

Math Teacher
Warren, PA

“Last year we implemented SuccessMaker with the help of NEF and we noticed significant growth within each child’s abilities”

I like how SuccessMaker reviews information for the students and doesn’t just move them on until the program knows they have it. Melissa Roelle, Teacher, Sidney NE

The incentives really motivate my daughter to do her best and set goals for her progress.Ami Jaggars, Parent, Sidney NE

It is great to have so much to offer the students that will allow them to grow without boundaries. The self-confidence and pride that they are showing in their academic performances and projects, have truly sparked excitement and interest that they are actually carrying home.Kellie Cusick, Middle School Teacher, Bellaire, Ohio

I think it is great that there are prizes that we can earn by working hard to do better in school.
Allie Ault, Middle School student, Bellaire, Ohio

Our partnership with NEF has been very productive and enlightening. It is amazing how much progress our students are making with the use of friendly competition by classrooms combined with our student incentive programs. We are glad to get the 0 interest loan to provide our students with chrome books, ebooks, and buses.Nick Stankovich – School Board Member and previous Superintendent, Martins Ferry OH.