Intermediate Minecraft Contest – Winners

on February 15, 2017 Uncategorized with 0 comments

This week marks the end of the Intermediate phase of NEF’s Minecraft contest. Students from our Academies and beyond were tasked with building things in Minecraft to represent their School Spirit. As part of the contest, students were to use their digital literacy skills to document their building process. Selecting winners was difficult but the top three groups are as follows! Congratulations to Kameron Myers, Skyler Sall and Makenna Klarr of Martins Ferry School District in Ohio for coming in First place with a detailed reconstruction of the Martins Ferry Football field along with providing excellent documentation. Second place goes to Ben Slaw, Ben Zacharias, Trey Grower, and Aiden Zelrick of Lehighton School District in Pennsylvania for their accurate representation of their Football field. And Third place goes to Owen Avery, Gabe Kudela, and Jonah Mott from Merton Williams School District in NY for their detailed pixel art rendition of their school mascot. Congratulations to all of our winners and to everybody who participated. Students also built amazing representations of their Schools and all kinds of other neat structures and pixel art creations. Check out our media page for new imagery of their builds. Starting in March we will begin the third and final phase of this years Minecraft competition. Check out the criteria found here. A special thanks goes out to all the teachers and staff for making all of this possible, good work everybody!